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Synthetic Dreads  topic
Individuals braids by Shivonne  photo flag
Individual Straight - braids by Shivonne  photo flag
Synth Dreads + fine hair + playa =?  topic
Looking for a stylist to install temporary drea...  topic
Anyone make and or sell dread falls?  topic
black 50mm wave Plastikhaar  topic
Cheap Synthetic Dread Falls and Locks!  topic
EMO MANICAN  photo flag
Unwindy Transition Dreads  topic
Amazing site for synthetic hair, crin, ribbon, ...  topic
Tubular Crin??  topic
Burning Man hair solutions/braids/extensions in...  topic
Advice please  topic
Temporary Synthetic Dreads  topic
a question about kanekalon?  topic
State of Insanity  review
Permanent Extensions  topic
synth dreads on a flipping out faerie  photo flag
vampire Faerie inspired hair  photo flag
Dread Extensions?  topic
18 hours of extension work *_* tired...zzzZ.....  topic
first timer attempting double dreads in mixed hair  topic
If you are looking for Braids, look no further!  topic
Braids in San Jose  topic

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